Tank Buster 5 Model Rocket Kit [RK-1021]



The TB5 represents a launched grenade used to disable, or destroy, a range of armored targets, tanks especially. This model rocket is an original design with military inspiration. It is not a scale version of a real device.

The Tank Buster 5's unique shape and six fins will make it stand out at any launch. The TB5 can be flown on B motors for low flights, or C motors for more serious action. Due to the launch lug location, a four foot long 1/8" launch rod is required to safely fly this rocket.

The kit comes complete with the vinyl decal, plastic parachute, transition and includes the ejection baffle.

Skill Level: 1
Length: 27.25" (69 cm)
Diameter: 1.64 in. (42 mm)
Estimated Weight: 3 oz. (86 g)

Recommended Single Use Engines (apogee ft): B4-4 (350), B6-4 (360), C6-5 (800), D10-7 (1360), D21-7 (1350)
Aerotech® RMS 18/20 (apogee ft): D13-7 (1390), D24-7 (1360)


  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium