Toxic Typhoon Rocket Kit [RK-1220]



The Toxic Typhoon was the most feared weapon used in the BioWars of 2400. Speaking it's name was forbidden. It poisoned entire planets, eliminating all lifeforms and leaving the world itself in a state of steady decay.

The model rocket version is much friendlier. It is constructed from eleven (11) pre-cut poplar plywood pieces. The Toxic Typhoon uses tumble recovery.

Do not fly the Toxic Typhoon on windy days.
Use a short (1 foot) launch rod. A clothespin can be used to shorter the useable area of a longer launch rod.


Eleven pre-cut plywood pieces are used to create the skeleton. Three wing skin templates form the wings.

Skill Level: 4
Diameter: 7.5" (18 cm)
Estimated Weight: 1.3 oz. (36 g)

Recommended Single Use Engines: C11-0, C11-3, D12-0, D12-3, E9-4, E12-0, E12-4, E15-P, E15-4, E30-4
Recommended 24/40 Reloads: D9-4, D15-4, E18-4, E28-4, F12-3, F24-4


  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium