Maxi Launch System

For this rocket you need a launch system with 3/16" launch rod.
If you already have a launch pad, which can accommodate 3/16" rod, just add the rod to the order (last item below).
If you do not have a launch system, select one of the products below. All of them include Launch Pad, Controller and 3/16" launch rod. Choose E-launch system if you plan to launch "E" powered rockets in the future.

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3/16'' 2-Piece Maxi-Rod

3/16'' 2-Piece Maxi-Rod

This 3/16" (5 mm) Two-Piece Launch Rod is needed for the larger rockets. The Mean Machine, Renegade-D, Big Daddy, Comanche-3, Eggscaliber, CC Express, D-Region Tomahawk, Stormcaster, Blue Ninja and Mega Mosquito all require the use of this launch rod.

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