Centering,Thrust & Cluster Rings

Centering rings are used to keep a small tube nested within a large one. For example BT50/BT20 will center BT20 tube inside the BT50.

Thrust rings or engine blocks are glued inside the motor mount and prevent motors from going forwards. Model rocket motors with a thrust ring (such as Aerotech motors) do not require an engine block installed in the rocket. Motors without a thrust ring (such as Estes A/B/C/D/E) require a motor block installed in the rocket. Cluster rings hold several motor tubes.

We offer centering and cluster rings for low, mid and high-power rockets, you can narrow your selection by clicking buttons below.

Thrust Rings
Thrust Rings
Smaller Motor Tubes
Smaller Centering Rings
Larger Motor Tubes
Larger Centering Rings (>=29mm)
Cluster Rings
Cluster Rings
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