About Us

Rocketarium™ is a maker of model rocket kits and rocketry parts.

Rocketarium.com was established in 2008 and since that time developed a line of military scale replicas, multi-stage, cluster and oddrocs rocket kits. At the same time a large selection of rocketry parts and supplies became available in the online store.

In 2013 the brand was transferred to "Denau Hobby Supplies". "Denau Hobby Supplies" is an established rocketry retailer, which apart from Rocketarium line offers thousands of other rocketry products from dozens of vendors.

"Denau Hobby Supplies" is committed to keep and expand Rocketarium line of products and offer same, great service to both US and international customers.

Why model rocketry is such a great hobby

When you come to think about that, model rocketry is an amazing family bonding activity. The great thing about the rockets is that small kids, teenagers, college students and adults find this hobby equally fascinating.
Model rocketry has a great educational value as well. When your kids are old enough, they are sure to love building the rockets with you. Model rocketry is sure to get them excited and motivated to learn.

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