Piston Ejection

The PML Piston ejection system is the most reliable and effective ejection system ever developed for mid and high power rocketry. You will never again need to stuff your rocket full of wadding or fiberglass insulation. Partial ejection caused by blow-by as well as burnt parachutes will become a thing of the past. Also, the nylon/rayon piston retaining strap is heat resistant and vastly reduces the zip cord effect encountered during early or late ejection by spreading the force over a much wider area than rope or cable. (The system must be incorporated during initial assembly).

The operation of the piston system is quite simple. The piston sits in the airframe over the motor and under the parachute. It is attached to the motor mount via the nylon strap which is epoxied to both the motor mount and the piston itself. When the ejection charge goes off, the pressurization between the motor and the piston bottom pushes the piston upward, which separates the rocket and pushes the chute out. That's all there is to it. No special prep needed, nothing to do .. just push in the piston, load the chute, and you're done.

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