Mylar Parachutes

Mylar is a highly reflective materials which is great for visibility. The sunlight easily reflects off it making it easy to spot both in the air and on the ground. This can help greatly with recovery.

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We offer Mylar parachutes in 3 different colors. Red, Gold and Silver. All available in 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24" size.
Red Mylar Chutes Gold Mylar Chutes SilverMylar Chutes

15" Silver Mylar Model Rocket Parachute Kit

The bright colors and highly reflective material increase visibility. Parachutes available in red, gold, and silver. Complete kit with all parts to make one model rocket parachute.

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18" Silver Mylar Parachute Kit For Model Rockets

Makes a model rocket parachute with an 18" diameter. This is a kit, which the modeler assembles to make a chute. Includes canopy, shroud line material, and protective rings.

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24" Silver Mylar Parachute Kit

Large model rocket chute kit, measures 24" in diameter. For use with large low-power model rockets and some mid-power rockets.

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