Mega Rebel Model Rocket Kit

  • Unique construction technique
  • Laser cut light plywood frame
  • Launched on D, E and F motors
  • Comes with 15" Red Plastic Parachute
  • Over 18" Tall
  • Launched from 3/16" Launch Rod
  • Intermediate Assembly Skills Required

A classic kit in the "Rocketarium silliness" series. This is a larger version of our retro rebel kit. Mega Rebel comes complete with seventeen pre-cut pieces of light plywood, Kevlar to Elastic shock cord combo and 15" Plastic Parachute. This kit does not include the ejection baffle and requires wadding. Painting this model is optional and left up to the modeler.


Length: 18" (46 cm)
Diameter: 5.4 in. (140 mm)
Estimated Weight: 7 oz. (196 g)

Recommended Engines:

D12-3, E12-4, E15-4, E20-4, E30-4, F32-4
Recommended 24/40 Reloads: E18-4W, E28-4T, F24-4W

  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium
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