Vortico Oddroc Rocket Kit [RK-1201]



Looking for something different? Give this oddroc a whirl! The Vortico shoots straight up into the sky and starts spinning. That motion results in helicoptering on the way down for a smooth landing.

This oddroc consists of seven pre-cut plywood pieces, motor tube, and launch lug. The clearly illustrationed instructions make the Vortico rocket easy to assemble. The Vortico doesn't land far from where it took off. This is a great rocket for launch sites with small recovery area.

This rocket should not be flown on windy days. Use a short (1 foot) launch rod.


Clearly, the Vortico is different from most rockets. It is built with seven plywood pieces.

The plywood pieces have tabs to which fit together to make building the rocket even easier.

Skill Level: 1
Diameter: 6" (15 cm)
Estimated Weight: 3.1 oz. (15 g)

Recommended Engines: A8-0, B6-0, C6-0,C6-3


  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium