VK-7 Sounding Rocket Kit [RK-1034]



The Viking sounding rocket family was developed by the US to provide a better vehicle than the German V2. In the 1950's, several of the Viking rockets were designed and flown by the US Navy. As part of a scientific mission, the Viking 7 climbed to 136 miles, and beat the altitude record of the V2.

The semi-scale model flies to more reasonable altitudes on a cluster of 2 model rocket motors. Try two B's for a smaller launch site, or go wild with two C motors. Decals are included for the black, and white, lettering on the model rocket. This kit includes the ejection baffle, which makes it much easier to get this rocket ready for launch.


There are three bands which go across the rocket's airframe to add detail to the model. Small rectangles glued on the pre-cut fins, to add even more detail.


The VK 7 kit includes a motor mount kit with plywood cluster centering rings, body tubes, sturdy coupler with baffle, bands, nose cone, pre-cut balsa wood fins and parachute recovery kit.

Skill Level: 2
Length: 29.5 in. (75 cm)
Diameter: 1.64 in. (42 mm)
Estimated Weight: 5.43 oz. (154 g)
Recommended Engines (apogee ft): 2 x B4-4 (360), 2 x B6-4 (370), 2 x C6-5 (850)


  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium